Our objective is to achieve consistent improvement in the competitiveness of our customers. We therefore supply solutions that offer decisive advantages in the market:

  • the highest quality parts and therefore product safety
  • the highest level of performance in supply and reliability
  • the greatest output at the lowest cost per part and thus the lowest TCO
    (total cost of ownership)

Starting with the customer's product (e.g. Barrel, Cuvette, Drip chamber, Needle hub...), we optimize the entire injection molding process to contribute continuously to maximum performance in high-volume manufacture. Ultimately, that means: With our injection molds and complete solutions, you can manufacture precise injection molding parts in the smallest space and the shortest time long-term, with minimum expenditure on materials and energy. We achieve all that due to the SCHÖTTLI strengths which make you more competitive and provide demonstrable benefits for you.

SCHÖTTLI's strengths

We support our customers by complete engineering. This allows us to run very stable and efficient Systems with high availability. We support our customers also in their product development and help them to reduce partially enormous material wastes...



Trustworthy behaviour is fundamental for holistic success. With every step forward we evaluate the long-term consequences of our actions too. As only new thinking is able to create new innovative solutions...



SCHÖTTLI, a Husky Company is a globally acting injection mold manufacturer focused on medical applications. Our manufacturing plants are based in Europe(Diessenhofen, CH) and North America (San Dimas, CA)...