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Thread demolding by electronic pitch control

E-Pitch - Innovation in thread demolding

Why e-pitch?

Additionally, due to some part design constraits, E-pitch becomes more interesting for applications in which the unscrewing device Needs to be operated from the fixed half of the mold.

E-pitch concept
Servo-electric drive technology in molds has enabled the development of E-pitch. The Swiss injection mold manufacturer presents this all-electric concept as a solution in which the threaded cores are only moved rotationally, but not axially. In the innovative E-pitch approach the rotational movement of the threaded core is servo-electrically synchronized with the mold opening motion according to the thread pitch. This novel design principle provides a number of advantages to the molder.

E-pitch benefits
With E-pitch, the axial movement coincides with the mold opening, which previously took place before the mold opening, providing a cycle time benefit. Moreover, the threaded cores can be manufactured with less material and at a shorter height, since the components of the rotational movement can be installed much closer to the cavities. This leads to a significant reduction of the mold height and maintenance efforts. With active thread core cooling, the molding process is optimized and further increases the customer’s productivity, providing additional value. Regardless of the machine (electrical, hydraulic, or hybrid), the E-pitch system is available for both single face and stack molds.

With these advantages, the new E-pitch concept is perfect for conventional production, as well as for production in a cleanroom environment.

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