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<img src=assets/images/f/QCS-9ac4df9f.png> <span>The Schöttli Quick change system for threaded cores<em>Tech News</em></span>

The Schöttli Quick change system for threaded cores

Unscrewing systems in injection molding tools are complex systems which also require a certain amount of know-how in maintenance. With regard to the change of threaded cores in such systems, a relatively high expenditure of time was required in the past due to the rigidity of the installed parts.
Schöttli responded with a design optimization which enabled to sharpen customer requirements such as:

■ High availability
■ Reliability
■ Cost reduction in maintenance
■ Easy access to important mold components

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<img src=assets/images/9/Unscrewing_2-94caad39.png> <span>Unscrewing systems for medical applications<em>Tech News</em></span>

Unscrewing systems for medical applications

All-electric injection molding machines are already popular in medical technology, especially when production needs to be carried out in a clean room area. It is obvious that electrical servo drives can also be used for other components of injection molding systems. In the past, this often failed due to the dimensions or the performance of the servomotors as well as the partly complicated control units. Unscrewing systems in high performance injection molds are a good example of how electric drives can be used today advantageously for the benefit of the customers...

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SCHÖTTLI brochures

Find all information brochures in the fields of MED, CAP and PAC, as well as the brochure of the mold-making company in PDF format.

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SCHÖTTLI pictures

You are an editor and need pictures? Here you will find all the latest and released for press photos.

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