SCHÖTTLI – a global family

SCHÖTTLI is a globally-positioned mould construction company working closely together with development, manufacturing and service plants in America (San Dimas, USA), Asia (Suzhou, China) and Europe (Diessenhofen, Switzerland). This brings us very close to all our important markets and enables us to provide excellent customer support.

You always have a contact on site who receives your orders (product development, prototype construction, mould construction, application technology and service) and co-ordinates them internally. As a result of the close interaction between plants and our international specialists, we supply the best-possible solution to you in the shortest possible time.

What other people call synergies is for us the principle of the SCHÖTTLI family – our approximately 320 staff in the three international sites work together hand in hand. Ultimately, it is you who benefit from this wealthof expertise and experience. We also have a term for this: human-driven technology.

For at SCHÖTTLI, there are people who have been developing and building moulds for over 40 years in some cases. They make the difference and are constantly redefining the benchmarks in the market. We take account of this in our communications, with a company ambassador representing all SCHÖTTLI staff in each continent.