Source: www.rhysolar.ch

Values that count

Trustworthy behaviour is fundamental for holistic success. With every step forward we evaluate the long-term consequences of our actions too. As only new thinking is able to create new, innovative solutions we cultivate permanently an innovative spirit.

An innovative spirit has no limitations and as a globally acting company, we place great emphasis on the close collaboration of all our staff. Based on the principle of demanding and conveying, we generate an atmosphere that promotes staff commitment and self-development. As a result we enjoy a motivating team spirit which makes the exceptional possible to benefit our customers.

In addition, we embrace our social and societal responsibility through a consistent focus on sustainability. We establish solutions, resulting in ever lower consumption of energy, water and materials. We make a demonstrable contribution to the optimization of our company’s and our customers’ ecological footprint:
a) during mold development and production, we take great care to protect resources with an eco-friendly approach to energy, water and air management
b) during the development and optimization of plastic parts for our customers, we attempt to minimize the material input in order to save raw material, energy, water and air while increasing the production efficiency (shorter cycle times).

In order to improve our own CO2 balance sheet, we place great emphasis on environmentally-friendly energy management – for example by means of an extensive photovoltaic system on our factory in Switzerland.