SCHÖTTLI Applications

We do not only manufacture molds but we also support our customers in developing their products. This has several benefits for you: You benefit from our product development expertise and receive advanced technical solutions which enables you to stand out in the market. Your products manufactured using our molds are of especially high quality and can also be produced extremely cost-efficiently due to savings on materials using intelligent reductions in wall-thickness, for example.

Focus on: Safety, efficiency and durability

In the MED field, three things are at the fore of our work: The safety of all the products developed by us and manufactured with our molds, the efficiency of manufacture and the durability and reliability of our tools. In order to ensure all that, we try hard to understand our customers' supply chain. By doing this we can contribute to a comprehensively designed production process which optimally combines the aspects of safety and performance.

Specifically that means: We support you in the development and design of especially high-quality, sophisticated medical and laboratory parts, such as syringes, cuvettes, dialysis components, infusion/ transfusion parts, pipette tips, blood collection tubes and Petri dishes. A pilot mold gives you important information on the feasibility and reliability of your subsequent production process. We build appropriate production molds derived from this and adjust our hot-runner system to this.

In this way, we can offer you an optimised mold concept from one source. We can take into account process benefits, such as the injection of plastic via two gate points and exploit these using our own hot-runner technology as early as the product development stage. Ultimately, this all leads to especially high-quality products, fast, energy-efficient manufacturing and the well-known long service life of SCHÖTTLI MED molds.


Significant savings on materials

Especially high-quality plastics are used in the manufacture of medical and laboratory parts to ensure maximum product quality and safety. Our designers and engineers have made it their task to reduce the use of materials in the manufacture of medical and laboratory parts as much as possible. This saves costs because every saving in materials always brings with it a saving in energy and cycle time.

By using two gate points in conjunction with SCHÖTTLI's complete hot-runner technology, we have succeeded in distributing the material more homogeneously during injection into the cavity. This symmetrical filling process avoids warping in the molding, the wall strengths are equal and the products are finer and with thinner walls – with improved product properties at the same time. Using the SCHÖTTLI innovation, we have succeeded in achieving savings in materials of up to 40% in pipette tips, for example. In addition, no lateral pressure is placed on the core in this process. This increases the quality of parts, reduces wear and tear on the tool, reduces maintenance costs and extends the service life of the mold.


Compact hot-runner technology

The molds developed and manufactured by SCHÖTTLI in the MED field are almost exclusively equipped with our own hot-runner technology. This increases the efficiency of your production processes and has a positive impact on product quality. Thus we have succeeded, for example, in achieving high-performance stack molds with 2 x 192 cavities in the smallest space. That is only possible due to the SCHÖTTLI cluster system. A lot of space is created by combining the jets. In addition, fewer hot-runner control points are required and a significant amount of energy is saved. Here it is clear: less is more. Energy that we do not use in the mold also does not have to be discharged again. This reduces the cooling time and thus also the cycle time.

The cluster system simultaneously optimises the material flow. Only a short period of time passes between the fusing of the MED materials and injection into the cavities. That means: The plastic is significantly less sheared and thus less stressed. That contributes to greater safety and product quality. The improved material flow further shortens the cooling and cycle times and also reduces energy consumption.


Complete engineering

In order to achieve the best possible quality and efficiency results with each SCHÖTTLI MED mold, the development of each tool is accompanied by a complete engineering process. Here, for example, we calculate all the average bore cross sections in order to optimise the material flow or the time the material spends in the distributor system. We synchronise the mold and hot runner system and the cooling system precisely using simulations of the heating and cooling processes throughout the system.

This provides a complete tailor-made system with short cycle times, large numbers of cavities, improved temperature management and material flow, reduced use of pressure and energy and an extremely long service life due to the gentle nature of the mold process.


Easy maintenance

SCHÖTTLI molds are designed in principle for a long service life and very low maintenance. All components are developed and produced in such a way that they can resist high levels of stress for long periods with little wear and tear. We achieve that, for example, by using an engineering process that minimizes pressure and heat stress and by the use of appropriate high-quality material and surface finishing treatments. We source these centrally within our group so the same quality is used in all SCHÖTTLI plants worldwide.

If maintenance on a SCHÖTTLI mold becomes necessary, that can mainly be carried out while the tool is still assembled. Components affected by wear and tear are easily accessible and can be replaced quickly. This reduces downtimes significantly over the entire service life of the mold and contributes to high productivity overall and convincing TCO (total cost of ownership).