Your benefits - Our strength

We support our customers by complete engineering. This allows us to run very stable and efficient Systems with high availability. We support our customers also in their product development and help them to reduce partially enormous material wastes which strengthens their competitivness.

Base of our daily business is the customer's benfit triangle. By using the latest technology we consistently reduce the use of materials, energy, and also premature wear and tear. Schöttli customers benefits from significant cost savings, unmatched quality and high precision. On a top high level we focus on security of supply & reliability.

Exactly what you need

Schöttli provides you with what you need…
highest availability at low part costs.

Over decades of expierience we have created a value-added chain with perfectly customized service modules. All SCHÖTTLI high-Performance molds are designed to meet one objective: the sustainable reduction of production costs through reliability, durability and high output rates.

The SCHÖTTLI value-added chain shows which service modules are available from the SCHÖTTLI Family, and how we can assist you in Detail.

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Product development

Produktentwicklung, Produktoptimierung

Support for product development, product optimization

  • Weight optimization, light-weight engineering 
  • Prevention of material problems 
  • Optimization of the gating point

Mold concept

Entwicklung des Formkonzeptes

Development of a mold concept

  • Thermal and rheological analysis
  • Simulation and optimization of the cooling concept
  • Optimum hot runner analysis and configuration

Fast mold prototyping

  • Fast production of part specimens which are ready for production
  • Test and optimization of the mold concept
  • Availability of different molds from all SCHÖTTLI sites, which only require the production of cavity inserts

State-of-the-art production


STATE-OF-THE-ART-production mold engineering

  • Maximum precision with tolerances of up to 0.005 mm
  • Deployment of state-of-the-art high-tech machining Technology with a high Automation Level: e.g. 5-axis simultanous hard milling, 5-axis laser treatment, profile grinding
  • Extensive documentation of individual processing steps for easy reproduction of replacement cavities, even after many years

Mold acceptance and process capability

Formenabnahme und Prozessfähigkeit

Mold acceptance and process capability

  • All SCHÖTTLI molds are subjected to acceptance tests at our own technical centre (CH, US, CN) with 12 injction molding machines with clamping Forces ranging from 80t to 580t
  • Customer injection molding machines can be installed for joint acceptance / Validation of IMM and mold
  • Wide range of customer Training Options and mold Training seminars


Lifecycle-Service, Ersatzteile, Formenrevisionen

Lifecycle-Service, spare parts, mold Revision

  • Global one-to-one aftermarket sales Service and Support
  • Fast spare part delivery thanks to local production
  • Exchangeable cavities, easy handling
  • Long mold Service life
  • Support during start-up's, customer Training, Training and process optimization


Your benefits:
Well engineered molds, minimized development times and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)


We achieve the best values for you in this field by means of high productivity in a small space, minimum material, energy, water and maintenance costs and the especially long service life of your injection molds.


Security of Supply & Reliability

Our global manufacturing facilities with ERP-based production processes offer you short lead times and a high level of reliability of supply. All data and drawings on your mold are safely stored with us. You can rely on a globally secure and rapid supply of spare parts over the entire service life of your mold. Overall, we ensure that your molds produce reliably and over a long period of time.

Quality & Precision

We place great emphasis on maximum precision throughout our entire supply chain. Quality is a fundamental philosophy for us that has been our daily routine over decades.

In all our activities, customer benefits are always to the fore: From the development of the plastic part (end product), through engineering, the design of the pilot and production mould and application technology through to lifetime service.